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About us

Tecnosuma International S.A, an international biotechnology company, located in Havana, has as corporate mission to market SUMA® Technology developed and produced by the Immunoassay Center.

Advanced technology designed to meet diagnostic needs in the field of public health in Latin America, as well as in regions with similar economic and socio-cultural characteristics.


Quality Assurance

Tecnosuma Internacional S.A will guide its work towards an unquestionable confidence of its clients regarding the quality of the products and services that it provides.

Confidence based on:)

  • Commitment from the highest management level with an understanding of current and future customer needs and the purpose of exceeding their expectations.
  • The implementation and maintenance of a System for the Management of the processes related to the satisfaction of the clients.
  • The continuous review of the Quality Management System that guarantees a sustained and continuous improvement in order to satisfy the needs of the client.

The company Tecnosuma Internacional, S.A guarantees in a systematic and integral way the quality and confidence of its products when applying an internal and external quality assurance system, with ISO 9001: 2000 Certification.

As part of the external quality assurance system, Tecnosuma Internacional, S.A offers an External Quality Assurance and Evaluation Program (EQAEP) to laboratories using SUMA® Technology.

The aim of the EQAEP is to collaborate with the improvement of the quality of the participating laboratories supported by:

  • Systematic monitoring of laboratory results.
  • Comparison of the results of its laboratory with that of the rest of the participants.
  • Technical assistance to laboratory analysts.
  • High level of confidentiality.


Our EQAEP adopts a monthly evaluation scheme, guaranteeing an efficient return of the results of the evaluation, with reports easy to interpret.


Currently, 150 laboratories using SUMA® technology from different countries are participating in the EQAEP of Tecnosuma International, S.A.

Tecnosuma International S.A, through its branches and Representations abroad, provides the following services, with ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Quality:

After-sales service

  • Installation and start-up of laboratories.
  • Training of laboratory staff in the use of SUMA® technology.
  • Refresher courses
  • Instrumental technical assistance.
  • Analytical technical assistance.

In addition, Tecnosuma International S.A participates in conjunction with the Immunoassay Center in the following programs:

  • External quality control: Consultancy and specialized software, both for the internal quality control of the laboratory and the external quality control applied to the programs.
  • Counseling for Health Programs that use SUMA® Technology



Tecnosuma International S.A., markets the SUMA® Technology that is developed and produced in the Immunoassay Center.

The Immunoassay Center is a Cuban biotechnology industry with more than 20 years of experience, which has professional staff of the most advanced scientific level and facilities of a high level of technology and automation for the development and production of SUMA® Technology.

Laboratories, CNC machining workshops, and production plants, equipped with high productivity equipment, allow Tecnosuma International S.A., have for the market, very novel SUMA® products with high quality in the immunoassay techniques.

SUMA® technology equipment and UMELISA® reagents are the result of the right combination of scientific development and the high level of exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies.