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High level of technology & automation

We offer new and high-quality SUMA® products for the market.

Products & Services

Quality at a minimum cost for massive screening


Focused on a single objective: quality of life


High level of exploitation of advanced technologies


Easy to use, we have database backup

About us

Tecnosuma International S.A, an international biotechnology company, located in Havana, has as corporate mission to market SUMA® Technology developed and produced by the Immunoassay Center. SUMA® technology equipment and UMELISA® reagents are the result of the right combination of scientific development and the high level of exploitation of state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Services

We provide a diagnostic technology with the best quality at a minimal cost, and provide the tools for health programs based on mass screening.


We contribute in a systematic and integral way assuring the quality of the results of the Laboratories that use SUMA® Technology


We are backed by the excellent results of services with SUMA® technology installed in different countries and in Cuba.


Advice and specialized software, both for the internal quality control of the laboratory and the external one, applied to the programs.

After-sales service

We provide, through our branches and Representations abroad, services with ISO 9001: 2000 Certified Quality.


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